I do not understand why many girls are contained to upload photos they love to his Instagram account, I say that why it was invented not? to upload all your tastes, passions and photos where salts super cool, because we admit that there is no going wrong in her that account Instagram girl Nobody goes wrong there!

Then knowing the magic of Instagram why stop uploading photos that we like? Do not be afraid to criticize people or not receive many hearts, it’s your own, it’s your life and your photos are.

Your outfit

If it took you more than an hour to decide what clothes to wear and you had going to change five times (as daily) and ended up looking amazing, obviously you deserve a good picture of you.


Your makeup arsenal

Because if it is worthy of admiration deserves a picture and that picture should be posted and envied by your contacts, that’s what Instagram to let the world know your passions.


Snapchat filters

I know many girls who by simple boredom are set to investigate the filters of the day, photos where they exit super cool or funny and end up without posting Not even if want to take Snap! Plus there is nothing wrong upload it to Instagram.


Artistic photos

Like all carry a “professional” photographer inside and although we do not know anything about color harmony, rule of thirds, etc. What does it matter? If you feel that picture makes sense to you and expresses something It’s art!


You in the gym

Some girls like to criticize other girls taking pictures in the gym Killjoy! If you’re doing something useful with your time and money, as it is to improve your body and health, it is worth presume. Even boast the progress of your new self.


Your food

If it took you longer than usual to make your breakfast, dinner or whatever looks amazing and appetizing He deserves a picture! To make girls believe how good it gives you the kitchen.


You beautifully made-up

It’s annoying that if the order could make that makeup that you worked so hard to perfect and might just leave you once, sooner or later have to take it from the face; so it is important to keep the memory with a photo on your own, so you either the erase by accident.


Your finest shoes Paris

If you finally gave it to save and finally could buy those shoes you were making eyes at the store Obvious! They deserve a good selfie where are the protagonists.


The parties to which you go

Many fear them to what people say if you go from party to party, but should not be so because had a good time, you were with people who like you and want to show off those great memories and experiences.


Photos meaningless

I do not understand at what point people became embittered all criticizing and saying what can and can not publish in the personal accounts! So if you want to upload anything Well upload! Or you ate of comments or likes of others, so take her tranqui and be yourself.