Yoga fanatic becomes a star of Instagram for their selfies articulated on the street.

Yoga fanatic becomes a star of Instagram for their selfies articulated on the street.

Sara Ticha, 22, carrying a tripod to photograph herself doing difficult poses.

Yoga fanatic, this girl from Vienna,, attributes its flexibility in daily practice.


She has almost 6,000 followers on Instagram for its beautiful movements articulated.


A fitness fanatic has become a star after posting Instagram flexible yoga movements in the unusual places outdoors.


Sara Ticha, 22, leads a tripod wherever you go so you can shoot itself in positions that defy gravity.


Sara, who currently lives in Vienna, coined the term “yoga mat ‘to describe his belief that art can be practiced anywhere – and now has about 6,000 followers on Instagram.


Sara, who is in his final year of a degree in business administration and teaches part-time yoga, said: “It is not only to show a pose or posture – I like the whole creative process behind each image.

“I was interested in photography when I was younger, but then I stopped, so the connection with my old hobby again makes me happy.


“For me, every image is like a small project.

“I always carry my tripod around and when I find a cool place or simply want to capture and share the moment I take some pictures.


‘I like to inspire others to practice like I was inspired.’

Sara, originally from Slovakia, first discovered yoga 18 years, having previously been a tennis player and dancer, but thought it was “slow and boring ‘.

Early last year he found the yoga community Instagram and was inspired by the fun, challenging and different poses people were trying online.

At first Sara was too shy to share their own photographs, but after a few months the need to publish its first image and now has accumulated nearly 5,700 followers in your account value was constructed.


Sara admits that their movements are natural, which has improved both its flexibility and strength-based practice.


‘Yoga mat means bringing everything we learn during practice yoga wherever we go, “Sara said.


‘For me yoga practice is not limited to 90 minutes on the mat, and yoga has influenced many different parts of my life – not just my sports and physical side.

“Every picture I post is a reminder to my fans and myself that yoga is not just the postures.