Yes, believe it or not, you can recover your virginity

Yes, believe it or not, you can recover your virginity

Talk about a subject that encompasses many concepts and loaded with so many prejudices, and a social veto that has been imposed on societies by cultural or religious heritage, it is quite difficult to do without generating controversy or animosity readers with oversensitivity.


But as in the world of internet everything is valid, I go on. Yes, you can recover your virginity (I speak of them) if we understand as “virgin again become” the fact “redo your hymen”, a thin and fragile membrane by which we determine knowledge without having any, when a woman has had sex.

Let ‘s start by clarifying some terms. Normally women are born with a hymen that protects themfrom infections in their first years of life, but each person is different and there are cases of girls born without the membrane.

Besides that come in all shapes and many are so fragile that they can break other reasons that have nothing to do with penetration by a penis, but that is a vast subject and the common denominator understands this: A broken hymen, and you’re not a virgin.

The detail is that many women, having overcome centuries of secrecy and mystery, have begun to “recover her virginity” just to pay a good amount of money with some treatments, ranging from creams to surgical intervention, provided regain lost purity number of times.


An Indian company launched in 2012 a product that guaranteed women be virgins again, a cream whose natural components allow narrow the vagina, rejuvenate and thus able to “feel like the first time”. Your name: “18 again”.

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Another option is to use an artificial hymen, you can buy perfectly in any sex shop that makes him believe the man is really taking away a woman’s virginity.

In the media many cases of women involved in prostitution they are taken over by surgeons on several occasions to sell a “condition why many men are willing to pay” are read, explained an expert to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The doctor revealed to the newspaper that a prostitute had nine surgeries and charged $ 2,000 to deliver his “innocence”.

Cases vary by social position and religion, but most shocking of all is that sexual experiences can not be erased or creams, or surgery.And men nobody asks them a certificate of “virginity”.

So you better stop thinking about an idea that does not apply in both sexes.

We enjoy our sex life responsibly.