Worst Movie Scenes Ever in The History.

Worst Movie Scenes Ever in The History.

The first trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan,  Dunkirk , has received much attention, but probably not the desired attention, thanks to a truly bad and happy bonus.

But it is not the first to ruin his few seconds of fame on the screen. Here we show this and some other extras that had no idea what they were doing:


This soldier looks very happy as others are dying of fear for their lives.

Back to the Future III

Poor child has to go to the bathroom. Is there no bathrooms on the train traveling in time?

North by Northwest

This child must be clairvoyant because his ears long before they were even exposed the gun.

Teen Wolf

We will never know why this woman unbuttoned his pants.

Star Wars: A New Hope

A little high to be a stormtrooper, right?

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Say Force was not the kick and took the gun this person.

The Dark Knight Rises

Could it have been the Force again?