With these 3 keys to lose weight, you will not have to starve on a diet

With these 3 keys to lose weight, you will not have to starve on a diet

When we summer approaches we are more concerned about how we will see the bikini or swimsuit and not look like a beached whale on the shore of the beach. So some more drastic women start eating nothing but green things and prefer starve to look a little more plump when you go to take your vacation. (I think I eat more than necessary always the truth, but I’m an outlier)

Well, now you have some tips so you do not have to stay famished by not eating. They are simpler than you think and making them suffer no case.

1. Eat foods diuretics

This feeding really helps people retain fluid , apparently as show commercials digestive yogurts, are mostly women. So the way to combat this problem is not buying the food they tell you you will go to bathroom, if not eating something as simple as tea and coffee.

In the first case four cups a day is the maximum that can consume and you will decrease the amount of cholesterol that your body absorbs . And believe it or not the coffee increases the capacity with working your muscles and relieves fatigue . And do not forget the mate !, which is a laxative in nature.

2. Food to reduce anxiety

With the amount of things we have to do in a day it is very easy to end up with a little stressed or anxious. Because the truth is that the requirement of modernity is pretty terrible right ?. Well, that there is a little easier solution to end the manicomnio.

Worry about eating foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grains, seeds, nuts and drink plenty of water. We also know that this part may be difficult, you have to do some physical activity.Believe me it will be very distracting and help you calm down. Let’s go, it’s possible!


3. Eat things that burn fat

There are certain foods that help you burn fat. What?! Yes, control your emotion. For example, ginger, red pepper, green tea, coffee beans and mate (precious matte apparently), they help you burn those rolls more, because you generate heat instead of energy.But beware if you are hypertensive or have cardiac, gastritis or ulcers problems, we do not recommend.

what did you think these recommendations? in addition to these three points, you can also help the almonds, green vegetables that will make you feel satisfied. Or you can cook with oatmeal , which will always be useful especially for leveling sugar levels in your blood.

Now, to practice it!