When should I go with my partner therapy?

When should I go with my partner therapy?

Go to the psychologist is always a situation we consider negative . Is our relationship needs therapy? That’s because something is wrong.

It may be so, and there is nothing negative. Is not that when we have a headache we go to the doctor? For what it should do in matters of the heart.

 Imagine situations where routine has been implemented in the couple or there is a circumstance of infidelity. We are not prepared to deal with it.

In these cases, someone to guide us in a timely manner can be a great help to enable us to find the best solution.

Sometimes couples need to go to therapy


Sometimes we did not ask us to go to therapy because bad moments are fewand passed soon. However, they can be a wakeup call.

If you do not pay due attention they may end up ending our relationship and that’s something we want to avoid, right?

One of the main reasons why you and your partner should go to therapy is the lack of communication. One of the evils that most end up with relationships.

Communication is essential, and if this fails, maybe you acabéis becoming roommates, rather than a partner.

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But this is not everything. In times of crisis such as infidelity, death of a loved one or a problem with the children, you need to go to therapy.

The therapy is going to open your eyes , not to blame the other, to trust our partner and strengthen our ties.

The great problem of sex


Another major problems that require couples therapy is sex. What has happened over the years? Why do not You enjoy? Why do not you do?

Eventually we to show affection to your partner and the relationship cooled . It happens, especially when you have children and we started to focus too much on them.

Suddenly, you find yourself sharing a bed with an unknown person, which does not embrace, that does not give you heat, which does not satisfy your sexual desires.

Hugs are gone, too fleeting kisses … Everything I fell in love at first is gone and yet not want to go to couples therapy.

I get lazy, shame and perhaps not even you are interested. But you live together, you have a life together and, if you want to be happy, you must defend your relationship  like never before.

In the consultation on couples therapy will help you regain the affection, to “break the ice” and to feel what a day you attracted to the other person.

The problem of children


Many couples want to have children, but when this happens they encounter a terrible problem: too disturbing the space of the couple.

Occupy most of their time, intimacy almost begins to disappear by not having time alone and everything, absolutely everything changes.

In these cases the communication of which we spoke at the beginning is very important. It is necessary that the couple talk about how to resolve this situation in the best way.

Maybe leave the kids with a babysitter and go out for dinner once a week alone, book a hotel and spend a romantic evening …

There are various ways to keep the magic with the couple when children make an appearance.

When we do not know how to act in this regard, it is necessary to see a professional to guide us. He knows better than anyone guide us and save our relationship.

We think we know everything, you do not need to go to therapy for all this we believe, perhaps, unimportant circumstances.

But you see this as something unimportant can affect your relationship .Therefore, it is important to seek help.

No one is born knowing how to solve different situations. For that they are professionals.

Do not deny a happy and fulfilling life as a couple .