What is it that bothers people tZhe most about you, according to your sign?

It is believed that the personality of each person has to do with various factors but for those who believe in astrology, there are also situations to consider; For example, there are defects that stand out according to the sign and also mark their way of being, as you will see below.

1. Aries: impulsive and explosive

They can be explosive people, but they are intelligent and can be trusted with any secrets. On some occasions they are very impatient and their impulsive nature can lead them some enemies. If they can master their weaknesses, they can be successful in life because they are very discreet, self-confident and know how to be persistent.

2. Taurus: possessive

As friends, you can trust them and love to help others, but you can be possessive at the same time with what you consider to be your property, and sometimes you are selfish and ambitious. If they learn to work on their weaknesses, they are an excellent company and excellent friends.

3. Gemini: superficial

They are very spontaneous in communicating with others; Tend to worry a lot about insignificant issues and do not know how to handle their stress, so they appear to be superficial. Opinions are formed very quickly about events and about the people around them, making judgments that can get them into trouble.

4. Cancer: sentimental

The natives of this sign are very sentimental, loving and take to heart what happens to others. This nature makes them sensitive and often hurt by minimal things.

5. Leo: Pretentious

Although they are true leaders in life, they can be a bit selfish and bossy; Also lose their stirrups very quickly. They like to boast about the luxuries they get.

6. Virgo: Perfectionists

They are extremely perfectionists and take care of every detail. The problem is not that they are, the problem is when they feel the need for your life to be perfect under your standards or when they look at you from above, making you feel that they are superior.

7. Libra: undecided

They look for balance in everything and that annoys; They are changing, depending on where the weight and opinion are put into a conversation, they are at the other end to show the B side. They tend to make great judgments about things but are meant to be impartial.

8. Scorpio: intense

They are passionate and jealous of their projects and ideas; They may become obsessed with what they like and are sometimes vengeful if they feel attacked.

9. Sagittarius: stubborn

One of their shortcomings is that they believe they are always right, so it is difficult to argue with them and make them see things from another point of view. They tend to have too strong convictions, that move mountains, but also frighten by their degree of fanaticism.

10. Capricorn: pessimistic and boring

They see life in a way too gray; The routines, the excessive work, the correct performance, they usually sit very well. As they are too realistic, they tend to be pessimistic and think the worst. They have too routine conversation topics, so it costs them the conquest and fun in the process.

11. Aquarius: little compromised

They think they are too free and fashionable, but they are eternal teenagers proud to reveal themselves against everything; The world of feelings is not theirs, so they will always value their freedom more than commitment. They have little ability to focus on a topic, they jump around looking for something that catches their attention.

12. Pisces: sensitive

The world is too alien and violent, they cry for everything, they are extra sensitive, everything hurts and annoys them, especially the raw truths. They have great abilities to work in socially delivered professions but end up depending on Mom and Dad because they can not put the batteries.