Watch: Woman’s water birth melts Internet’s heart, goes viral with 17 million views on Facebook

Captivating footage of this mother's effortless water delivery has gone viral.

Childbirth is not always painful, screams and agonized pushing and this woman’s unbelievable labour has changed the old facts.
Midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham, from Anaheim, California, posted a video on FB of a Mom named Audra Lynn. In the last moments of her delivery in water, within few seconds baby appeared in the water.

The BBC quoted: Lisa said, “You can’t see in the video is that the head of baby is already out. So I said Audra to wait for sometime , and that’s when the baby came out.The mother’s joy was not explainable. When she said ‘my baby son’, it makes everyone cry. It is such an awesome moment.”Audra and her spouse break down in tears as she cradles her new born baby boy .

The video has been shared more than 1 Lac times on FB and has been viewed about 17 million times since it was uploaded on 4th SEP 2016.

Viewers discretion advised