Use these simple tips to raise your natural breasts

Use these simple tips to raise your natural breasts

It is normal that, over time, your breasts are not in the same way as before. Over the years your breasts lose firmness , not only over time but also by the change in your hormone levels or your participation in activities that can accelerate this process (like exercising without using a proper sports bra) . The good news is that there are several natural tricks that can help the skin in this area to look better, feel better and regain some elasticity.

1. Use cold water and lemon juice


This home remedy is quite popular and helps give more firmness to the skin naturally. Take a cold shower or wash with cold water area and then compresses Apply lemon juice for 15 minutes. After that remove the pads and goes to point two.

2. Thyme


Mix two tablespoons of water with 30 drops of essential oil of thyme and massage your bust. 

Additionally, do not forget to take care of your breasts properly, using the right bra and always wearing a sports bra to hold your breasts in place when you exercise . These small actions can make a big difference in the long term.