Unknown tells this to blind mother who is “selfish” for having children. She replies

Unknown tells this to blind mother who is "selfish" for having children. She replies

Loren Harris is a young man born with cataracts in her eyes. Unfortunately as time progressed the disease became glaucoma; With 20 years his left eye was replaced with a prosthesis and the right slowly trailed off like a candle, being practically blind. She confessed to  the Daily Mail hard mistreatment of people on the street have two children.

Iain McGregor / Fairfax NZ
Iain McGregor / Fairfax NZ

The young mother of 28, has to endure every day when out with their children to the street in Christchurch, New Zealand, to be told that is selfish, and that gives them pity the situation in which they live Noah 7 and Saxton of 2 years.

“I have met with super unfriendly people: they tell me I’m selfish, and they feel sorry for my children, this kind of intolerance is super hard to take, because at least once a week I hear it in the streets.”

Loren Harris Daily Mail

This family house is furnished with many brightly colored things that Harris can tell them apart. A while the mother was working as a hairdresser, but as you can not see almost nothing three years ago, had to leave his job. A foundation that helps blind, has taught him to take the baton and become more independent.

Despite the negative comments people, this mother and her husband plan to have more children.

Let others be happy and find your own happiness. If this couple decided to start a family and are happy, what do you care?

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