Unicorns are out of control! Inaugurated coffee this subject and is a magical place

Is there anything that is not possible in these times? I think not, and if not invent, like this coffee has a little of everything but ordinary. It is Unicorn Café is located in Bangkok and is going crazy girls and young women around the world.

I say that is anything but conventional as it is a magical place where the rainbow cakes, unicorns and fantasy worlds come together to revive the guests the most pleasant experience.

Unicorn Cafe.

It could be the house of My Little Pony

Decoration coffee with unicorns.

But no, it is a cafe where you can find hundreds of them

Everything is full of them.

The food and drinks are crazy Or a dream?

The menu includes rainbow cake.

O magic cakes.

Waffles and fries.

Everything fits perfectly

The pastas are also colored.

And drinks.

What about the decor?


A whole paraphernalia of unicorns

Girl sitting in one of the rooms.

For smaller

Unicorn girls crown.

And for those who are not so

Girl with a unicorn in hand.

Girl surrounded unicorns.

Pajamas unicorn.

This place is just fantastic

Girl looking at the window.

What I say fantastic, it’s like a dream come true!

Girl lying in one of the rooms of this coffee unicorns.

Already I want to know!

Group dancing with a unicorn.