Try not to mourn when you see Ed Sheeran singing for this little

There are celebrities who prefer to keep a low profile when performing any action on behalf of his followers. One of them is the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who since December last year has taken a break from social networks, but that does not stop indulge in more than one way to their fans .

One of them, Melody Driscoll, barely 9 years old, has a special condition called Rett syndrome, a rare and severe brain disorder that has no cure, affects mostly women, and their cause has been more than 80 percent of his life in a hospital.

They called their attention

Ed Sheeran and little girl in hospital

As the small Melody is a fan of the singer, her parents began a campaign using Facebook hoping to get his attention and he agreed to visit a day to give encouragement.

Always with his followers

little girl in hospital with pictures of Ed Sheeran

Sheeran is known for his sympathy and taste to please their fans, so a day -a earlier this month- arrived at the hospital Epsom and Melody sang for one of his greatest hits:  Photograph. 

This is the touching moment: