Top 20 real-time reactions to US Presidential debate

Top 20 real-time reactions to US Presidential debate

The expected first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was at Hofstra University, New York. After months of primaries, attacks, advertisements, fenders, tweets, disease, expressions and a peculiar presidential race, the New York businessman and former secretary of state, former first lady and senator from the state of New York saw the faces.

The debate, as expected, gave much to talk about. Personally, the best way to see it is virtually accompanied the world by Twitter, what would life be without the humor and reactions in real time! While listening to the debate was pending at every step and reaction network users. Here are some of the best:

# 1- We started!

# 2- Melania and Bill also greeted

# 3- Total Diplomacy by Clinton

# 4- Some highlighted the ridiculousness of the moment

I know that Hillary has to be heated that she has to compete against Trump. I’d be livid.

# 5- Many were commissioned to review the Twitter Trump to seize him in his own lie

# 6- Filmmaker Michael Moore trying to analyze the logic of Trump (the Internet does not forget)

Trump is wondering why there’s a woman on his stage.

# 7- Strategies?

Clinton strategy: Poke. Poke. Poke.

Trump strategy: Resist. Resist. Resist. Can’t resist anymore.


# 8- Some trying to follow the “logic” of Trump

Trying to follow Donald Trump’s logic is making me feel like I’ve had a stroke. ??

# 9- Gael García Bernal also joined the conversation

México le está robando los empleos a los EEUU según Trump. No hay nada más peligroso que los gringos haciéndose las víctimas.

# 10- Trump and his lies

Holt le dice a Trump que “stop and frisk” (detener y catear) fue declarada anticonstitucional en NY, Trump le dice que no es cierto.

# 11- How many times interrupting Hillary?

.@HillaryClinton has been interrupted 40 times so far during tonight’s presidential debate.

# 12- Without any filter


# 13- Hillary and safety

“Me he preparado para este debate y me he preparado para ser presidente”: @HillaryClinton

# 14- A racist

# 15- About Obama and Michelle

Clinton: “Barack Obama is a man of great dignity”—and quotes Michelle.

# 16 – Some speculated why Trump made so much noise with his nose …

Either Trump has a cold, or he did a big fat line of blow before he came on stage.

# 17- Who was the hacker DNC?

Trump: DNC hack could have been done by or China or “somebody who was sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds.”

# 18- What Trump has the best temperament?

Audience laughs when Trump says he has a better temperament than Clinton. THEY LAUGHED.

# 19- In the end, this is the consensus …

Hillary looks like she could be a competent President.
Trump looks like he could be an excellent reality TV host.

# 20- And so we can change the direction of the country

Ok, so now: make sure you are registered to vote. Exercise your right to democracy. Vote. Encourage others to do so.

Lets vote!

This is only the beginning, 41 days before the elections are still several debates ahead and many things to say. What will happen? We will continue…