To my angel, who looks after me from heaven

When we are young, it is very natural to believe that things are easy and fun. As we grow, life teaches us that nothing is forever and that the best we can do is live here and now with our loved ones before anything else happens.

If you identify with the above and you’ve lost a loved one, he stops whining, because those wonderful things that life gave us so much, are now angels to protect us, so we have to thank and feel blessed to have been part of his life. This letter is for all those people who loved us when we were on our side and now watch over us from heaven. This breed is for you, my guardian angel, who never let surprise.

For you, my angel

father hugging redhead girl crying

After accepting that you had gone, looking at all those memories you left me and now I treasure as ever, now that the tears disappeared and start to have fun as before, I need to write to you to know one thing: I miss you. I look at our pictures and I know I’ll never feel like when you were here when I was very beloved. However, I know you look at me every day, that you care for me and protect me from up there where I know you feel better, you’re happy and everything is peace and quiet. So just why I decided to move on with my life without defeat or sit and mourn, because it is difficult now that you’re gone, however, think you’re in a better place is my consolation.

On the other hand, things here have not changed much. I live in the same place, everything looks the same, but for some reason I feel that will never be as before, because everything I do in everything I say and every one of my movements, I feel you’re here. For some reason, the simplest daily tasks remind me of you, so I talk to you all day long and hard as when we had each other. Now that you’re my angel I know I am right to talk, listen to me and to accompany me everywhere, but still need to see, touch and feel a hug yours.

old woman and blond woman beside her

I know I should not deny life, that things have their own way and must not challenge fate, but I hate losing you, because no matter if it was the time or not, I just never would have been prepared to let you go, for never see you, when you were part of my world and in my world’s favorite people should stay forever. I still had much to learn from you, your talks, your wisdom, and especially your big heart, who one day stopped beating, but in life filled me with love and joy.

Although I miss you, but it bothers me have missed, and although I will never be content with seeing from, I know I must be strong. You taught me to never give up and not stop smiling. So although I have missed time to enjoy your incredible company, I do not regret how things happened.

blond man and woman with short hair hugging next to a river

So from here, from our secret place, I command all the hugs which I did not give you, because although they were many, perhaps never be enough. You send my smiles and all my joys, everything beautiful that little by little I know of life, everything that fills my heart with good wishes. I’ll never forget you, so you can be sure you’ll always be in my heart.

I’ll miss on Sundays family and every Christmas, I need the day of my wedding and when I found out that I will be mother, those days’m sure I will miss you more than ever, because even in the days normal, everyday and you I miss you so much. You were and will be forever a model to follow, so thanks for giving me so much and sorry if I gave you so little. I’ll be waiting until the day happy life bring us together again. We will be friends forever, I promise. Love, who misses you and loves most in this world. “