To all women: love does exist, do not give due

To all women: love does exist, do not give due

When you have a long time without a partner and is a large woman (including divorce ), you really screw up many times. It has forgotten how things are done. Then you decide to be. You need to be !, in fact, be the only option that can appeal because you’re too big for poses and games.

Being is undressed, it is let that person come near you and see all your parts, smooth and calloused, and not speak of a vagina and depiladas- armpits. That person will see all your lights and your included- -mierdas shadows, because it’s what you do, show who you are. And come a day when you’ll be a thick humor, that you have accumulated over the years, because when you’re doing great, moods get more and more thick-and that is also you!

But everything is okay! These just being. And it is assumed that the person in front of you should see you in all your ways … this is it, right? Not to lie, to be honest, to choose the other knowing.

In addition, the other being too, because you want a man fought, lived, resolved and is so sick of the poses and games like you. Like a man SEA. But you not always know what is the best way to be without hurting the other. About that we learn along the way and only thanks to an affective and effective communication is that we can learn from each other.

And the other, with the wounded ego, because you have defrauded without knowing what you were doing, you blame yourself, that you were just trying to be, you were just down a wall, which raised a basis of much loneliness and errors the most varied. Yes! I screwed up, but is it not that what happens when you’re human, person, when you try to do something honest? ¿Wrong is not one of the possible outcomes in this struggle to be and give other?

You screw and fix it, or at least try … because you care! Do not stay silent, annoyed with the wounded ego, taking more distance than necessary.

Above all, fix it because you learned that only very close together and people get hurt, so as ithappens . And we unintentionally hurt you , one day you and one day. Because we both know that the purpose of harm us not in question, but we are human, we are big and we carry within us a lot, but still believe in the life partner.

And I am not mistaken, this is not easy, so many people choose to stay alone. It is convinced that loneliness is the best, but that is the most widespread mentally straw there. Nobody wants to be alone, no one wants to eat in a dining room where only a chair is used , we all want the little glass bathroom with more than one brush bullshit dental Let us be …!

And it’s still difficult, but not impossible.