The skin of each girl is very different, there are dry skin, sensitive, mixed and fat, that is why there are plenty of makeup, creams and skin products, because not all skins are the same Dude! But today we will talk a little oily skin.

Oily skin is one that has a very bright appearance, no matter how much you wear makeup, your T zone is always bright. If you suffer from this skin type we leave seven tips to treat your oily skin and reduce the excessive accumulation of sebum, tips which in turn will help you control the appearance of pimples and blackheads, because oily skin is a type of skin high prone to acne.

Facial Cleansing

You must clean your face when you get up and before you go to sleep, with a special gel for oily skin. You wet your face and apply the product in a circular motion as if it were an exfoliation and finally wipe with water Attention! if you clean with a regular soap beware that abuse their use, they can dry your skin and secrete more fat to your skin.


Products for skin matte

After cleansing your face you have three options: use a lotion, an astringent tonic or an oil-based moisturizer. These products are specially designed to reduce excess fat in the face and prevent the formation of clogged pores, so you’ll look healthier skin.


Exfoliate your face every week

To treat oily skin also exfoliation is perfect for you and the truth is that is not as expensive as you think, since you can make your own exfoliating masks in your home with items from your kitchen like oatmeal or lemon, they are great to level the levels of fat in the skin. If you want to use special soaps looking soap to exfoliate You’d’ll love!


Apply pre basis

Oily skin require application of prebase before every makeup you have prepared, because not let me lie the greasers of your skin makes your makeup run in a few hours; one prebase will help prevent overproduction of fat and close your open poritos.


Makeup base

The foundation is the key to achieving mega matte complexion point.Choose base oil free (oil) as this will reduce greatly the brilliance of your face and avoid bumps on your skin. Another important thing is that you should always apply yourself the base with a brush or sponge with your fingers Never!


mineral powders

Mineral powders both makeup, bronzer, blush, etc. are perfect for a matte finish on your face. is the best thing to put a light layer of dust, will be enough to seal your makeup and your fat and absorb sweat, because we agree that it is very annoying to spend all day tweaking our makeup right?


absorbent wipes

Old reliable makeup for oily skin is to use anti fat little wipes to remove facial shine and Without spoiling your makeup! Many girls do not know the latter, but these wipes are made to clean your facial cum greasers and no makeup while delete.