Those tears after saving a newborn after a bomb in Syria must open our eyes

Those tears after saving a newborn after a bomb in Syria must open our eyes

Abu Kifah is part of the known Syrian volunteers and ” White Helmets ” –  rescue workers who dare to climb the rubble left by the bombs – and this Thursday was filmed breaking down in tears as  he pulled a baby from the ruins of the that was once their home.

The girl has only 30 days old and barely survived with minor wounds on his face.


At least 20,000 civilians have been wounded by Russian attacks in Aleppo and more than 100,000 children remain trapped east of the city.

I will repeat the number because my stomach: 100,000 children and 20,000 civilians trapped wounded.

The United Nations has warned that a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in the region , while Russia and the United States discuss who is to blame.


At least 11 civilians, including 7 children , were killed during attacks in Idlib, according to the Observatory for Human Rights in Syria.


It’s been a year since Russia began to bomb Syria in support of President Bashar Al-Assad, and has killed more than 3,800 civilians.

“The bombs raining down on Syria from Allied planes and eastern Aleppo has become a giant box of death. The Syrian government must stop this indiscriminate bombing and Russia as its military and political ally, has the responsibility to exert pressure to stop this. “

– Doctor Xisco Villalonga, director of operations for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) .-

MFS directory numbers cited health eastern Aleppo (rebel territory), noting that from September 21 to 26, the few functional hospitals in that part of the city received 278 corpses , including at least 96 children . More than 822 wounded were received and 221 of them were children .


“All intensive care units are full. Patients should expect others to die for a bed to become available in intensive care. We have only three operating rooms and only yesterday we had to perform 20 abdominal surgeries. The hospital staff is working 20 hours a day. We can not go home and let people die. “

– Abu Waseem, a hospital administrator supported by MSF.-

The total of people killed in the east of Aleppo since the siege began a few short weeks ago 338 victims, 106 of them children; with 846 wounded, 261 children , according to the World Health Organization.

The director of the Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman said the total number of victims may be even higher.


On Tuesday, representatives of Russia said it would continue bombing Syria.

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry admitted the same day that all these months of diplomatic efforts to stop the war was coming to an end:

“I think we are on the verge of suspending the discussion because, you know, is irrational in the context of this type of bombing just sit here trying to take it seriously.”

President Barak Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel have publicly condemned what they consider barbaric Russia and Syria.


British journalist Kate Silverton BBC broke the news mourn while communicating.



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To all of you sending thoughts – thank you – no words really – my job to be inscrutable & impartial but I am also human #syria@BBCNews


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“To all who sent me messages – thank you – no words, really – my job is to be inscrutable and impartial but I am also human #syria”

The truth is that I also cost me the rage and tears. How can we, as humanity, witness all this and do nothing?  The baby is alive, yes, but what kind of life awaits ?