This stray kitten had a broken spine … You can now run again

This stray kitten had a broken spine ... You can now run again

A person found this little cat abandoned on a road and then took him to the rescue organization Caring Fields Felines in Palm City (Florida, United States). Due to the severity of his injuries, the puppy had to be treated at the Hospital for Animals Savanna in Jensen Beach .

Danica Gingras

There was attended by veterinary Danica Gingras, who fell in love at first sight with this kitten. ?

Caring Fields Felines

She temporarily adopted Davey, as they called it at the time, to look after him better. There also received the attention of Oakley, dog Danica :

“He was going from home to work every day with me all this time.” (Via The Dodo )

Danica Gingras

It has been a month after his splint was removed and Davey continues to run around the house Danica.

Danica Gingras

And Danica decided that his home would not be temporary for this kitten, from now on will be permanent.

Danica Gingras
Danica Gingras

His stepdaughter renamed. No longer called Davey, now called Beans (beans) ” because when he was wearing his splint she thought she looked like a bean burrito .”