This special education teacher invited his students to their wedding adorable

Few things melting tenderness as we see children participating in a wedding; however, this time touched our hearts the group of guests of this special education teacher in the United States.Kinsey is a young French besides having committed, first he gave classes to a group of children with Down syndrome in Rock Creek Christian School, in the area of Louisville, Kentucky.

That is why he invited his entire class to your wedding. Children helped bring flowers, rings and deliver Kinsey accompany the altar. These guys never stopped smiling, and now Ms. French documented throughout the ceremony. The result is so tender that we stole a sigh.

They are the complete class of Ms. French

Woman with group of children dressed for a wedding

“My students are like my family. They were my first class and his first teacher, so I knew I could not live this very space day without having your company. “

And were the guests of honor at her wedding day

girls ladies wedding

So happy and attended evening dresses

woman with wedding dress and children

They helped with the latest details

Special education teacher invites students to the wedding and become the soul of the event

And they participated throughout the ceremony

children entering church wedding

They were eager to dance time

group of kids dancing on track during wedding

The boys looked even catch the league

Man throws league men in wedding

Kinsey could not hide his love for these guys

woman with dress dancing with girls

Certainly the heart of all the guests stole

children in a church hall