This sexy and handsome guy exercising with his cat is the reason why the girls love Instagram

All girls love men with a well-defined body, and Travis DesLaurier knows very well. This model from Edmonton, Alberta, has found a new way to exercise and is becoming the king of Instagram. He does not use dumbbells or professional gym equipment, he just needs his cat and it is completely adorable.

His video exercising with Jacob, his cat, has reached more than 20 million views on Facebook. The strangest thing is that, although it is adorable, your cat is what matters least to us.

He is Travis DesLaurier, a normal boy …

Travis DesLaurier with black t-shirt and shorts

At least until the shirt is removed

Travis DesLaurier without shirt

Because then you realize that normal has nothing, but he is perfect!

He has an adorable cat named Jacob

Travis DesLaurier hugging histravis-deslaurier-3-700x700 cat

And he’s been his best friend since he was little


Travis loves coffee as much as we love himtravis-deslaurier-7-560x700
Travis DesLaurier drinking coffee in boxer

And he loves to exercise with his cat.

Travis DesLaurier with his cat


The routine begins with a series of biceps