This photographer captured modern mothers without stereotypes

Even in 21st century, tattoos are still seen as a taboo in some countries. Many people, including mothers, make judgments about professional abilities and even character, simply because they are based on appearances, and that is unfortunate. We have to accept that women with tattoos, colored hair and piercings, actually are no different from other mothers. For this reason, Celia Sanchez has created a series of photographs with modern mothers, according to the company, may not fit the stereotype of being a mother.

When Celia became a mother at age 23, she received a painful message, because it did not fit the traditional model of maternity saw other mothers of the child care center. Fortunately, this experience inspired her to create her powerful photographic project called “Devout”.

This is “Devout”

In this project, Sánchez tries to break the judgments and stereotypes that as a society we have created before motherhood. Modern mothers can have tattoos, piercings , brightly colored hair and clothing that suits your style.

It’s all about fighting prejudice.


Most people make hasty and baseless judgments about a particular physical aspect.

“I know how they do not look like a ‘typical mother’, so I always wanted to photograph them, to prove that they are strong and that they should not be judged in a certain way just by how they look.”

For three years she collected images of similar women


She approached women who were in the same situation as her, and for the last three years photographed different mothers, hoping to inspire people not to judge others.

Being a mother does not mean sacrificing personal style


“I thought it would be great to show women that they are not sacrificing their personal style just because they are mothers. I wanted to try to show a different image to the word ‘mother’. Being a mother does not mean losing you as a woman. These women do not, they do not lose their identity. They continue to be themselves and at the same time continue to be good mothers. ”

Sánchez has been harshly judged by his appearance


“I have had my fair share of judgment; The parents of other children, school administrators, co-workers, and neighbors have made sarcastic and misplaced comments about my appearance and my ability to be a good mother. ”

The millennials are not the only ones who have tattoos

More than a third of the generation X (those born in the mid-1960s and late 70s or 80s) also have tattoos. Women with children belonging to that generation have at least one or two. However, they can not show them in their workplace because they are rejected.

Not all mothers look the same

“Not all of them have to look the same. What we have in common is that we love our children with ferocity. We love, care for, support and educate them and that is something we should celebrate in any way possible. “