This mother asks her son with Down syndrome to be included in an advertising campaign

Nash Asher Internet has shaken her just 16 months old. In less than a week, the tender obtained photographs of little more than 65,000 ‘likes’ and have been shared 93,400 times on Facebook .

Asher suffers from Down syndrome, and her mother, Megan Nash made a work in social networks for children with different conditions and disabilities to be included in advertising campaigns; something that began with a point to children’s clothing company request  OshKosh B’Gosh .

more inclusive advertising campaigns

baby with Down syndrome

“I would love to meet my son OshKosh and see what we see in him. I do not want to use their image for the fuss we are causing on the Internet; I want to use it because they value and believe in what they could contribute to his campaign. “

You need to change the perception of the world

baby with Down syndrome

“Children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities are incredible human beings, and we want OshKosh help us change the perception of the world.”

They expect a positive response

baby with Down syndrome

Although some brands have already taken firm steps towards a more inclusive style of advertising, much remains to be done for people with certain disabilities have a more significant representation in the media.

“While they are not accepted, there will be no real inclusion for them in the future. It is time we realize that they are not just a ‘trend’ that comes and goes in advertising. They are here to stay. “