This lip made with infusion of wine and its presentation in little bottles is the most beautiful thing you will see

For lovers of good drinks, one of our favorite drinks is and always will be the wine. The main reason could be its versatility to complement any occasion, or maybe that feeling when you get home after a long day and have a drink while reading a book or listening to music.


Now, the drink of Bacchus has been mixed with another almost millennial feminine pleasure: the makeup. We never would believe that someone will use this link to create a lipstick as sophisticated as a bottle of Merlot. However, a Korean brand turned this dream into reality and designed a collection of adorable lip glosses with wine infusion. The result is that something more than epic.


We present the collection The Wine Lip Tints

Korean beauty company Labiotte for years has been responsible for giving the world the best lip balms and dyes; so for this new line of lipsticks, the company was inspired by the vibrant colors that stain wine, infusing the drink in a lip gloss to create Wine Lip Tint.

They are 6 different tones


Six tones are found in this collection of lipsticks that explore the spectrum of the chromatic range offered by the grape. In Wine Lip Tint include colors from “pink wine” until an intense red shade, through purple tones like burgundy berries.

Made with natural ingredients

Shines Labiotte were made with natural ingredients and extracts of red wine that promise to give you all the antioxidant benefits of grapes in each

Your bottle-shaped presentation will love you

In case there is so little beauty in a single cosmetic, something that does not stop falling in love is the adorable bottle shaped bottle. It makes you want to never throw it away even if you do not have any product.


One more gift on your Christmas wish list


Just when you thought that you had finished making your letter to Saint, in which you would only ask for love and peace to the people of good will; Lip Wine Lip Tint adds to your wish list. Sure you’re dying to try this wine infusion on your lips, just like us.