This is what you need to know about kissing

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts we do as human beings. We kiss to show affection to demonstrate the desire and to increase desire. Darwin wrote about kissing and kissing act involves ensuring that desire is innate, so we are born with this momentum. Here we leave eight facts you need to know about kissing:

1. Couples who enjoy kissing (and often do) have healthier relationships. According to Lori Beth Bisbey, relationship expert, kisses are the fuel of erotic desires, and when in a relationship begin to stop conflicts do begin.

2. The lips convey more pleasure than the sexual organs. There are a large number of nerve endings on the lips and in the mouth; Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, says that kissing evolved to encourage three basic needs: lust, attraction and attachment. Also, kissing releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes trust, bonding and attachment.

3. passionate and deep kissing increase the libido. With this kind of kisses heart rate and blood pressure go uphill, plus testosterone man is transferred to your partner, raising the sexual desire of both.

4. Help to choose compatible person . When we kiss took in all kinds of physiological information through pheromones and saliva, thus know if the person you’re kissing is optimally compatible with us.

5. It stimulates the immune system. Kissing can improve our defenses and help younger ones see us and we exercise the muscles of the face 34.

6. Control the pain. Endorphins produced by the kisses are more than 200 times stronger than morphine and fentanyl pain relievers like, so not only lower the perception of physical pain, emotional pain also.

7. They make sex better. Suffice to say that the Kama Sutra is a whole chapter on the art of kissing is that to kiss your partner the levels of connection and intimacy are intensified, making it much more pleasant and exciting intercourse.

8. Increase confidence. With oxytocin and endorphin, increases self – esteem and confidence in both oneself and one kissing, and is doing so transmit your partner a feeling of value and physical pleasure.

9. lengthens life. Besar significantly reduces stress levels, as our mood enhanced by endorphins.

10. Burn calories. The kisses can reduce up to 26 calories per minute, and during sex up to 135 calories per hour.

Now that you know all these benefits do not wait and start to kiss.

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