This is what we need to become expert at kissing

Being a great kisser kisser or a quality seems we all like to have. No wonder many have fallen in the attempt to make a knot with the stem of the cherry to show we are good at moving the tongue and thus excellent kissers.

This is a very important quality in a relationship, especially when those moments of intimacy with the couple arrive, but what scientists have to say about it?

Couple kissing.

Let me kiss you, those who are not forgotten, nor the lips, or on other nights, or in other lives …

How important is a good kisser?

Scene from the movie Pretty Woman.

According to a study by Sheril Kirshenbaum, (The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us) about the science of kissing, 59% of women and 66% of men they have ended a relationship because their partner was a bad kisser; and according to psychologist John Bohannon, better we remember our first kiss, our first time.

Some researchers say that kissing is even more intimate than sex, like in the movie Pretty Woman . Recall that the main character, played by Julia Roberts, whose main rule is not kissing with customers.

Scene from the film My first kiss.

Well, social scientists say that this is the attitude adopted by many prostitutes because kissing requires a genuine desire and love for the other person. Avoiding the kiss, prostitutes can do their work without emotional link to customers.

The kiss is so important that it can even improve the quality of life of some (personally and professionally), as evidenced by a study that was developed over 10 years in Germany.According to this study, men kissing his wife before going to work live up to five years.

Woman kissing a tree.

How do you know if someone wants to kiss you?

Man kissing a woman on the cheek.

Each pair is a world apart, study space couple and their reactions. According to Kirshenbaum, kissing someone on the cheek determines whether someone is interested in you. Do not go directly to the mouth means building trust.

What to expect when someone kisses you?

Couple kissing.

Apparently, men are less concerned about that factor. They are more interested in physical attraction.

However, women see the kiss as an opportunity, “as a potential tool to start or monitor a long-term relationship.” The hygiene of the mouth and teeth particularly plays an important role.According to William Cane, 53% of women prefer to kiss a neat man.

How to become a good kisser?

Couple kissing.

Cane asked men and women what makes a good kiss and what they expect from the other person to say it’s a good kisser.

What it is that men expect the woman to take the initiative. Aggression can find it sexy, but women want men to know that there is a right way to be aggressive and put his tongue in your throat is not one of them. What women want is that man understands the value of the subtle word and not to leave her flat or nearly suffocate, but rather take care of her while kissing her.

Couple kissing.