This is what it really means to be single

Being single means sleeping on Saturday and wake up when the sun’s rays illuminate your room. It is awakening without worrying about running wash your face or fix your hair. It is to use one, nothing sexy, loose shirt without worrying about it.

Being single means eating what you could possibly want until your tummy call for help. It is rewarded every minute. Drinking coffee on the patio while reading a novel or watching the movie that you like without worrying if you’ll like someone else or be too busy being productive to see a movie with you.

How film photography being single.

Being single is work doing what you like. Save money to travel the world, buy the things you want and save money for your future.

It is stay up late watching movies and hanging out with friends on Saturday night. Is to test all new flavors of ice cream is out there. This is to make you understand yourself that you’re never really alone.

Photography of young eating snow.

Being single is finished with a kleenex bag at your side while watching a sad movie or laugh loudly while watching a comedy. It’s about enjoying your own company and find out what you are capable of.

It is to be friendly and outgoing without losing good manners. Being single is the act of pushing appreciate your presence and propelling your freedom to do other things.

Photography laughing girl.

Being single is living the idea of being with the virtues that implies and I call courage. We can all be alone, but at the same time guts to be happy are needed. Being single is also a status, which establish a relationship with you, your ego, your dignity and confidence. It is about knowing your weaknesses and learn to love them.

Being single does not have to be a bad thing, but it can also be an option. I prefer to call itopportunity . Being single is to learn to fend for yourself, learn to take care of yourself;understand your circumstances and worry about your existence.

Actress photography eating pizza.

It is to offer the possibility of being at peace and at the same time be happy.

Happiness is not found in others, it is something that is within us. Being happy means choosing to be and do those things that make you different and at the same time make you feel good.

Photography of young clinking glasses.

Above all, being single is to have confidence in yourself.

It is appreciate the people who have always been with you and learn to appreciate the things you have above you want. Being single is tell yourself “one day I will not be alone, for the moment, I let my life make sense being alone”.