This is what happened when a woman received a sexy dress that she had bought on the Internet

Making a list of the reasons why it is not convenient to shop online might be a good idea to try to convince you about it; However, we decided to include a real example, an experience that went through a buyer and soon began to circulate through social networks.

It is a dress that was not exactly what the buyer was expecting, and with which you probably feel identified if you have ever made a bad purchase on the internet.

A woman in China recently ordered this dress from a site called Taobao, which is basically a Chinese version of Amazona-woman-in-china-recently-ordered-this-dress-from-a-site-called-taobao-which-is-basically-a-chinese-version-of-amazonDress style probably arose from a red carpet in which the actress Jaimie Alexander looked stunning at the premiere of Thor , in 2013

dress-style-probably-arose-from-a-red-carpet-in-which-the-actress-jaimie-alexander-looked-stunning-at-the-premiere-of-thor-in-2013While it is not the exact dress that Alexander wore, it must be admitted that it certainly looks

while-it-is-not-the-exact-dress-that-alexander-wore-it-must-be-admitted-that-it-certainly-looksSo, when the dress finally came, it was not exactly as advertised

so-when-the-dress-finally-came-it-was-not-exactly-as-advertisedAt least not for a normal looking human

In any case, the woman still published photos of her with the dress on the seller’s page

in-any-case-the-woman-still-published-photos-of-her-with-the-dress-on-the-sellers-pageNeedless to say, this dress is the perfect example of why it is not always good to shop online.