This is the touching moment when a pregnant woman says goodbye to her daughter before giving birth

For any woman, the time to be a mother for the second time should be something full of emotion and a lot of nostalgia. That is why the American photographer Laura Paulescu captured that very second the last farewell between a mother about to give birth to her second child and her little daughter while hugging her belly.


More than one could not with the emotion of that moment when mother and daughter hug to say goodbye before the family is larger. And either the second or third child, for this photographer the moment seemed so poignant that could not contain himself and published in his account of Facebook all how wonderful it is to be a mother for the second time. He spoke of his own experience, and how much they identified with the woman in your picture.

“The next time you look you will no longer be just you and me.”

“This is pure sweetness”

Pregnant woman carrying a girl on her belly

Laura Paulescu is dedicated to photographs of family and motherhood; to capture the journey of a new life and hosting a new member to his loving family. From his Facebook account, Paulescu wrote everything I felt about this powerful photograph and what it represented not only for trade but for his personal life to be a mother of two children also:

“This is pure sweetness. The last hugs before saying goodbye to Mom, and the last time this small will sit above the womb as her future sister is in there.

As a mother of two, I think you understand even more how life is renewed when the new baby comes into the family and changes everything forever. “

Pregnant woman sitting up in bed and blond girl

“This mother knew deep in his heart how things can change by as trying to embrace a little more this time. He knew what it was like the first time. Embracing her first daughter one last time before they stop being ‘small’ forever.

The time of the last hug goodbye was so special, and I’m so honored to have frozen the scene in the second right and to give it to them as a treasure. “