This is the story of Isabella Springmuhl, successful fashion designer with Down syndrome

This is the story of Isabella Springmuhl, successful fashion designer with Down syndrome

“I do not give up and fight to achieve their dreams.” – Isabella Springmuhl

You can not, you will not make it , it’s not for you. The history fastidiosa can not… Throughout life many people will try to tell you you’re not ready, you ‘re not good enough . But when you succeed they will tell you always believed in you.

But the truth is that you can with anything you put your mind, effort is the key to success and you own everything that happens to you. Nobody lacks capacity, everyone puts their efforts on what he wants. Much effort in the “I can not” will not be able to, but put your dreams and commitment will be fulfilled.

A story that shows …

Springmuhl Isabella is a 19 – year – old from Guatemala, she has dreams and big goals, like any of us at that age. Isabella has Down syndrome , so what? It is a beautiful girl who can accomplish everything he wants. Small this Young knew he wanted to be part of the fashion world, Isabella wanted to be a designer , so when they had to enroll in college he did in that race.

Pero no la aceptaron en la universidad por su condición, aún me pregunto cuál será su condición… El hecho es que no la dejaron comenzar a cumplir sus sueños.

But far from giving up ,  Isabella fought as hard as he could . He created his own brand, was inserted into the Guatemalan fashion market, launched an exclusive line of clothing for people with Down syndrome (for the body characteristics of this syndrome) and last but not least, was invited to the week fashion in London.

What is your inspiration?

His designs are linked to the colors of his native Guatemala and have fun playing with different textures and symmetries. Parts of their collections try toshow how the world is for Isabella, besides beautiful shape his personality.

¿Qué la motiva todos los días?

“Belita” is convinced that his work can help many people , that’s why their collections are adapted to the types of bodies of children with Down syndrome.

The invitation

Guatemala was selected along with 13 countries more to participate in the fashion week in London, and Isabella was invited to participate . She and her mom and your rag dolls participated in this mega event that placed the young designer at the top.

This fantastic story is a true sign that everything can be no matter whatobstacles life puts us. The next time you go to say “can not” think twice, because actually yes you can.