This is the reason why I never confessed his feelings for you

I liked you never know because I was always afraid of what you felt for me. I refused to reveal my feelings for fear they would not be reciprocated. Instead of it, trying to know what to do today, what message would you send, whether you like how I looked.

I liked you never know because terrifies me get hurt. Each time I was closer to you, he stepped back, afraid of what might happen. I do not know if I scared her more than could reject or start a real relationship with you, but that does not matter.

Couple embracing.

I liked you never know because my idea of linking is so subtle and delicate that always dresses like a friendship. Every time I smiled and took the initiative to send a message first thought he was being friendly. You could never realize that looking for something more than friendship.Much more…

Nape know that liked me because I tried to convince a thousand times that it was not, I did not feel anything for you. I refused to feel anything until I realized I could not tear my thoughts.

Actress in a Christmas movie scene.

I liked you never know because instead of calling you and tell you what I felt, I called my friends to tell them how stupid you were, wrote poetry or listening to music that reminded me of you.But I never considered the possibility of telling you how I felt, not even once.

I liked you never know because I did not want you to feel confused about my intentions. I did not want you slept with me and leave me the next morning believing he sought an affair with you. I not want to become the girl that night or another name in your phone list.

Actress scratching his back on an actor on the scene of a series.

I liked you never know because he enjoyed our silly conversations, the comings and goings of our friendship, jokes. I did not want to ruin that we had for something I did not even know if itwould be better .

I liked you never know because I’ve known others like you. I knew I had no chance. Before attempting this, I gave up when I had not even started the race. I left the room for someone else to take care because rather lose now than later surrender to failure.

Couple in lingerie playing.

You’ll never know I liked you because you’re too blind to see it. Although I had dared to confess my attraction to you, you had not given the opportunity to be with me, or maybe yes, maybe all this time I’ve been wrong and that’s why we’re not together.

That’s the problem, we’re not together and not know if we will someday, so learn to live without you. I have to, because even if it kills me be away from you, you do not realize how much I love.

Couple eye to eye.  She smiles.