This is the concept for a futuristic BMW motorcycle and is so secure that not even required to wear a helmet

This is the concept for a futuristic BMW motorcycle and is so secure that not even required to wear a helmet

Around 1.25 million people die each year from traffic accidents. Half are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. In the UK, the bikes represent 1% of traffic, but 19% of deaths from traffic accidents. In general, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely than a car driver died in a traffic accident.

All this is due to motorcycle safety involves several aspects of the vehicle in question and a number of operator skills, which are much more complex than for a car. The design of a safe bike is actually more complicated than it seems.

Today bikes are more modern, but just as unsafe. However, over the next 30 years can change that.

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The Vision Motorrad Next 100

The German company BMW has designed a concept for a futuristic bike that includes a self – balancing system a security system  and that no emissions because it is electric. With this concept, the company intends to manufacture a motorcycle to ensure safety and prevent collisions.

The concept was called  Motorrad Next Vision 100  and is the best thing about a motorcycle so sure that does not require the use of a helmet protector.

This concept is part of a series of vehicle concepts BMW introduced in March.The concept of these vehicles clearly describes what direction the company plans to continue: security.

Safety for the motorcyclist

The concept Motorrad has a self – protecting system, both when it is moving or stationary. In the latter case, this system would avoid the kind of accidents that may cause damage to the bike, in the main fuel tank. As for the bike moving, the system would allow the bike easier to handle and lighter. The system knows the limits of the vehicle in the transient road and the driver can make corrections or applying them .

The driver should use a special viewer that lets you against the wind, but also useful information project. This kind of projector responds to movements of the eye and can provide the rear view, navigation, telemetry for the vehicle and the angular vision. Under certain circumstances, the viewer can alert the driver of any danger or potential collision.

Finally, the concept implies that a motorcycle changes its more compact form when stationary and slightly expand towards its sides when in motion. This detail is designed to help protect the driver and contribute to the aerodynamics.