This girl suffered bullying because of his large eyebrows and is now an international model

We know that kids in high school can be hurtful and abusive with their peers, and often the consequences of bullying  are painful. Other times, this suffering humiliation can become a beautiful catharsis where bulleados exceed their stalkers.

Such was the case of Natalia Castellar , who during his childhood suffered harassment by the mere fact of being born with a pair of large and bushy eyebrows. Now, at 17, Natalia could not be happier to have thick eyebrows that have become “personal stamp” and have made great modeling jobs with exclusive brands.

“When I was young my eyebrows pointing either because they were big and thick. I was harassed to the point of wanting you shave them completely. Now I work for one of the major modeling agencies in the world and I am anxious to know everything that comes in my career;wait to travel. I know I’m the kind of creative person who is always looking to do something new. “

The boys used to make bullying Natalia Castellar

woman with big eyebrows is arranged in the mirror

They criticized the long and thick eyebrows

long-haired woman with glasses

So she wanted to hide

woman with bangs and ponytail

Or even make a permanent hair removal

woman with braids and boring carra

But today, at age 17, he overcame harassment

bespectacled woman in profile

Currently has a great job … thanks to his eyebrows

woman with long hair with curls

Modeled for Urban Outfitters  and other fashion brands

woman with long hair modeling jacket

She has also posed for cosmetic brands like NARS 

long-haired woman with lipstick

And it is part of the modeling agency NEXT Models 

white woman with long hair

His eyebrows have become his personal signature

long-haired female model

And he admits he regrets not having accepted so far

long-haired woman in bra

“I do not care if they are fashionable or not; I love my eyebrows “

long-haired woman with big eyebrows

Even though some are still trying bullear 

smiling woman with long hair

“We still leave hurtful comments on my photos”

long-haired woman with big eyebrows

“But I never answer them because that’s what they want”

woman in red high heels

“I’m happy for everything that comes in my career”

woman with long hair and thick eyebrows