This couple travel copy photos from another account Instagram

Fame has long since ceased to be measured by the number of people watching you on TV or you hear on radio. What today is how many people follow you on social networks: Instagram ,Facebook and  Twitter  are spaces that open their doors to the world in a blink of an eye.

But when you know that a million or two million people follow you, you think they just someone behind a computer giving like a photo, except when you realize that the person is “literally” follow you wherever you go to wear the same clothes and the same photos take you … Freaky not?

Couple of photographers in the desert.

Well that’s exactly what happened to  Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen , a couple of photographers who are constantly traveling and have great pictures taken around the world.They are always feeding your account Instagram portraits, either individual or couple, in exotic destinations around the globe.

What is perhaps this pair of experts from the lens did not know is that someone who follows-a couple- go around looking imitate their photographs to make exact copies: same place, same clothes, same everything. Obviously, people who follow them should have the economic means to do so and even took them with surprise, Jack and Lauren have decided to take things with a sense of humor and now both photographs circulating on the Internet. Júzgalas for yourself.

1. The pictures on the right are recreation

The original photograph and copy.

2. We can only say: what patience!

Original photograph and copy.

3. The kidnappers seem totally uncreative

The original photograph and copy.

4. “Having a large following brings interesting experiences,” say

The original photograph and recreated.

5. What would you do if you happen the same?

The original photograph and a copy of it.

6. Two versions of the same story

Two almost identical pictures.

7. It seems that after money, time is their abundance

Photographs taken from a mountain.

8. The comments accompanying the photos are also very similar

Photos in the Roman Coliseum.

9. And until the composition is virtually the same

Photographs of the two couples in one place.

10. One thing is to imitate, but these guys took it to another level

Photographs of the girl on both sites.