This couple fashion imposes release the bouquet of flowers to make adorable puppies on her wedding day

Why carry bouquets if you can take a puppy? At least this is the philosophy of Matt and Sarah Mallouk Crain Crain, who recently married in Pennsylvania in a somewhat peculiar link.

This couple had the idea of sharing their love with some puppies and they did.

The bride and her ladies in the photo shoot wedding.

The couple turned to a rescue organization Pitties Love Peace , where Sarah works, which specializes in collecting pit bulls and pit bull mixes for these puppies take part in this special day, and the result was an adorable photo shoot in which bouquets were out to take a puppy in her arms.

“Animals are a very important part of our lives, so we wanted to make a space”.

Grooms also did the same to give a little love to these puppies

The gentlemen with the puppies in his arms.

Groom carrying one of the puppies.

Sarah and Matt have three dogs, Mara, Leo and Atlas, who are like their children and were also rescued. Sometimes they are also adoptive parents of other puppies who hope to find a happy forever home.

The ladies had in his arms some boxer mixes, while Sarah took a pit bull for the photo shoot.

“I spend my days rescuing, training or rehabilitating dogs, so I thought it would be appropriate to include some our big day.

We all enjoyed

Girls with their puppies in the arms.

“I think that went well in this photo shoot, that you could see on their faces when they were in their hands these little puppies. It is not a feigned happiness or inn. It was beautiful.

“I’m usually a quiet and very focused girl, but with weddings there is always stress, there are some details that do not go as you expect, but once we saw the puppies all the cares of the world disappeared”.

Other wedding photographs.

The couple posed with nine puppies that were found on the streets of Brooklyn and the ladies and companions became the most original to bring in his arms.

Other pictures of this great day

The bride holding a pit bull.

It was a different union

The couple during the link.

The photo of the couple.

With the joy that puppies always bring their lives

Accompanying groom spending time with the puppies.

And with many more emotions

Groom waiting for the bride.