This couple adopted a pig and now she thinks it’s a dog

Olive is a cute little pig who a year ago was adopted by Alissa and Nick Childs. Before being part of this family, the owners already had 3 bulldogs and a baby on the way. However, coexistence was so perfect that now Olive is part of the canine clan of the house and even seems that she also believed a puppy.

Lola , the largest and mother of the puppies bulldog, took the role of adoptive mother for Olive, and are now best friends. Alissa Childs confessed he never thought this would happen, and now celebrates the anniversary of Olive in the family with this amazing photo shoot.

“She really believed to be one more of our dogs. Spend every waking hour with them, play, they take a nap and if any of the puppies run to the street to bark, Olive runs with him and support him. “

Meet Olive , the little pig dogs friend

cerdito next three dogs

He has two brothers and a foster mother

two dogs lying beside a pig

All bulldog breed

dogs and a pig sitting n an armchair

Lola is his surrogate mother and her best friend

Piglet next to a puppy on the couch

Olive participates in all canine household activities

pig beside a dog

they take naps

dog and pig lying under the bed

They play together

blonde woman with pork and dogs

And even accompanies a “barking”

pork next three dogs

The owners could not be happier

man lying next to a pig

After the first year in which he entered Olive in their lives

costumed dogs and pork jumping

Its owner, Alissa, you want to make larger family

woman sitting on the grass with little pig

And you also adopt a miniature donkey

little pig next to a black dog

Olive will be happy to have a new brother

pig lying on the grass