This child was beaten to death by her mother’s abusive boyfriend after trying to defend

This child was beaten to death by her mother's abusive boyfriend after trying to defend

A terrible event happened in New Jersey, United States after a child of only two years was beaten to death by her mother ‘s abusive boyfriend after trying to defend small . Jamil “JB” Baskerville Jr Tricoche saw Zachary, 24, and her mother arguing about food purchases as was heard at trial.

All this terrible situation began when the boy’s mother and Tricoche began to argue because this would have been wrong in making food purchases. “JB”  very saddened by what he saw began to mourn and intervened in the fight after Tricoche shoehorned his mother. the little weighed only 13 kilos and did not reach the meter high but that did not stop was hit so hard in the chest that hit a wall and hit her in the head , according to a prosecutor said at the trial.

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Baskerville family

“JB” then turned to his feet and abusive Tricoche told him to “raise his hands” to fight as a big man before hitting him hard a second time. This second shot left him with severe injuries inside which you they took to lose consciousness.

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His mother called after beating emergency and the child was rushed to a hospital.

Doctors discovered that he had a lacerated liver, internal bleeding and other serious injuries after a few hours led to his death.

During the trial this shocking audio woman called emergency describing this terrible moment was heard:

Tricoche was indicted on charges of first-degree murder after the death of the child.

He will wait in jail for the term of the judicial process by not paying the bail set at $ 1 million in cash.The case has shocked the United States and was widely covered by much of the media of that country:

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There are no words to describe this unfortunate tragedy.