This campaign highlights the incredible, bright and beautiful that women regardless of their appearance

The fashion week in New York is one of the most important, for both designers and models and for lovers fashion girls, is why the supermodels Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux created the project “All Woman Project” designed to celebrate the diversity of beauty in the world of fashion. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the beauty of the differences in the bodies of women.

Within the campaign a video in which women with different types of faces and bodies involved was presented, which highlights that are amazing, brilliant and totally unique regardless of their appearance. This campaign aims to encourage women through social networks with thehashtag #iamallwoman to share their own images and that others become aware of the confidence and individuality that every woman has.

None of the images of the campaign were retouched withPhotoshop

Girls posing for the photo shoot campaign project all woman

“As consumers of fashion, we deserve to look at the picture of the real fashion, one that makes us see ourselves and make us feel represented. We do not need to see a row of white girls who are thin, we want a variety of sizes and colors. “

The women recruited for these pictures do not fit the “beauty standard”

Girls in row posing for the photo shoot campaign project all woman

The proportions of women are really important in this campaign

Girls smiling during a photoshoot

“You can make this world a better place. We can accomplish much simply by believing in ourselves. We just want more women to do the same. “

We all want a better place

Girls posing for the proposed project all woman

So celebrate what these brave, bold and beautiful women made

Girls smiling woman during the campaign all project

That’s All Woman Project