This bride surprised her husband with incredible style choreography to Beyoncé on her wedding day

Is there a perfect wedding? I do not know, but at least we all have a different, extraordinary, full of love marriage; in which each guest will remember it as the best to that in a long time gone.

And what is fashionable is just exploit the talent of the contracting parties to offer guests a special night; because it seems that a link is no longer complete if no in between that small but decisive show which will have been involved (more or less voluntarily) to family and friends.

Couple in previous session to the wedding.

And although it is common that one of the two show their vocal skills to sing to your partner, some people decide to bring surprises to another level, as Melissa Molinaro, who recently contracted nuptials with Bryan-and what she did is the most Original we’ve seen in a long time!

Melissa Molinaro made this show to Beyoncé style, and was dipuesta to surprise her husband at whatever price necessary.

“My husband always told me that what he likes is to see performances, so the day of our wedding I wanted to give her the greatest performance of his life.”

She and her bridesmaids offered guests a show on another level, and of course the husband was happy to be married to this girl also beautiful, sexy and wore a talented dancer on her wedding day. The presentation is legendary.

photo shoot the couple.

A wardrobe to match the circumstances, about as bold as the bride ladies and an open-mouthed audience with this show that has made a video for the story.

Although such perfection before we suspect that there is a girlfriend either, but the singer, actress and model Canadian cross, known for his participation in the reality show Making the Band; The performance included a white body lace and transparencies, V-neckline, ruffled in the middle hips; and for the ladies, sleeveless bodysuits Quite a show!

The bride and groom smiling wedding day.

And although we can not deny the extraordinary talents of this bride, images are also a motivation for other brides in the world rehearse one coreografíaa so that they can give the groom a show like this.

And what did he say ?:

“It was the most beautiful bride in the love stories we’ve ever seen.”

photo session with the ladies.

” Is that you, always been you, God created you just for me , ” she wrote in her accountInstagram .

He carrying her to her in his arms.

This at last was a choreographed wedding!

Choreography during the wedding.

We can only say ¡wooow !, this is the best wedding performance we’ve seen in a long time, and probably also the fantasy of many men.