This baby was born with the tongue of an adult, but after surgery could finally smile

Despite its delicate and fragile-looking, babies may be stronger than we imagined, especially when they are born with some complicated condition: from genetic disorders, premature births or more serious conditions.

Paisley he born with a rare condition called Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome, which affects one in 14,000 newborns, and that causes an organ, in this case his tongue, increase its size irregularly.

Paisley baby she born with large tongue

Small could not eat and barely breathing on their own, in addition, their body weight was larger than normal and had a higher risk of cancerous tumors.

Doctors were concerned that the small Paisley could suffocate by blocking their airways, so that during the first three days they remained connected to a ventilator.

Paisley baby she born with large tongue

Against this background, at 6 months old, the doctors decided to operate emergency to avoid the smothering and during that time was fed by gastric tube.

Soon after his tongue grew to 15 centimeters and out of his mouth, so four months later, a new intervention was necessary.

Paisley baby recently operated language

Fortunately, the language of Paisley has remained normal size from the last operation.Moreover, as no longer occupies most of her small mouth, you can now smile, eat and act like any other baby his age.

Although one of the effects of their condition may be developing language problems and therefore require special therapy, Paisley is learning to say their first words and seems to quickly learn new skills that could not develop when they had a larger language.

Paisley baby she born with large tongue