This baby is 9 weeks and already freaked the world with his amazing hairstyle

Some babies have a lot of hair at birth, but a small Brighton, England, was born with so much to make you believe that something is wrong with your hair.

With just 9 weeks old, Junior Cox-Noon is already a celebrity in social networks, and the Internet has put all his abundant head with red hair.

Is incredible!

baby with long hair

His mother, Chelsea Noon, says that even doctors are surprised with the amount of hair with which his son was born.

baby with long hair and her mom

“All babies usually drops her hair until it comes out the final. However, Junior has not dropped any and has not stopped growing. “

Draws attention everywhere

baby with long hair with her mom

Such is the hype that the small Junior cause with their presence, even an everyday activity like going to the supermarket now takes twice as long because everyone stops to see the lovely baby.

It is just lovely!

Baby long hair

 “When I carry with me to the weekly shopping, they turn all to see and exclaim: ‘Oh, God, look how hair has that baby!’, And approach to touch him, but he seems to not bother and even smiles” .

We leave you a video of this baby lion’s mane