This actress and model lost 45 kilos and became a size 4!

The struggle to reduce the number on the scale is common today, and many women, at some point in their lives, have had difficulty losing weight. Jennifer Gimenez also went through this process; model, actress and star of reality show  was discovered at age 13, and since then his life took a radical turn.

Although it will strive to be a normal girl, the constant hustle between work and travel he made his routine changed. At 14 her agency told her that her body was becoming more curved and started using laxatives and all kinds of methods to stay thin.

He began the fall

Jennifer Gimenez young

Soon he began using cocaine to suppress appetite and became addicted to the use of this and other drugs. After several years, at 29, he remained sober, though he sought comfort in food and at that time her weight began to rise.


Jennifer Gimenez overweight

On one occasion he tried to use his favorite dress and thought he had shrunk because they really had no idea how much he had gained weight. She weighed more than 116 kilos and went from a size 4 to be 16.

The change

Jennifer Gimenez overweight

The first thing he did was turn to a detoxification method 21 days, and although the results were remarkable, soon increased even more than before. It was then that he decided to make a radical and permanent change.

Let’s move!

woman doing exercise routines

It started with cardio exercises 40 to 60 minutes five days a week and lost 18 kilos on their own.Increased training intensity and included swimming and yoga to your routine.

Time to eat healthy

Jennifer Gimenez thin

To go a step further, he hired a coach who taught other ways to challenge your body, and with the help of a nutritionist changed their eating habits: he eliminated sugar and oil, eat five times a day and not actually deprives of any food; only he learned to choose the healthier option.

The reward

Jennifer Gimenez Pool

“This process helped me realize that I’m worth a lot more than just my weight. It is good to be me, and I am beautiful as I am. “