This 102 year old grandmother had a great desire to be arrested by the police … and succeeded!

Almost all spend our lives trying to avoid any encounter with the police, but Edie Simms is a special case. The small woman of 102 years was the happiest when he was handcuffed by officers from St. Louis in Missouri. The reason? For several years Edie wanted to experience the feeling of walking in the back of a patrol, as if he had been “arrested”.

So the officers could not refuse to give that experience. However, the old lady was not anxious to jail, but wanted to have with her a gesture of thanks for their selfless help.

Edie committed no crime

gif old arrives handcuffed

The officers gave him a “ride” the Five Star Senior Center , a residence in which you are given food, classes and companionship to elderly people.

A generous woman

old handcuffed

During the past two years, Edie had made some donations and handicrafts as socks, pillows and scarves for people in the center, although he had never actually visited in person.

A little walk

old is lowered by a patrol

Why they moved in the back seat of a patrol, with the sole purpose of crossing a point of your list of things to do.

She was greeted like a star

old escorted by police

Upon arriving at the residence, when journalists who were waiting for her asked if he had enjoyed the ride, Simms said, “yes, with wives and everything!”.