We’ve heard so much about the first time, some real and many others a complete lie. And that has made to think about it makes us feel extremely nervous, uncomfortable and even got to feel afraid, when it should be the most natural thing in the universe.

If you are thinking or planning to have your first time, there are some things you should consider or yes, for all that worry you that day is to enjoy it as it should.

It takes the guilt and grief and throw them out the window

Have you ever wondered why guys do not deal with feelings of guilt or shame when it comes to sex? Well, it’s because it’s a social thing and as always the girls went missing. But that only happens if your you believe it. So before you have your first get rid of them or you can not have the experience you expect.

You already know how you take care?

Using a condom is not an option, it is an obligation. Even if you use another method, this is the only thing that will protect you from disease.So no matter if with whoever is going to do your Prince Charming, still must use it.


You have to be realistic

Ok, you have to get out of your mind all the novels and movies have taught. No sparks will fly, no snow will fall, will not last all night and most likely not enjoy it by nerves and inexperience. Try to relax and enjoy it as much as you can, but keep your expectations real.

Investigates a few moves

Investigate a few movements you will be very helpful to not stay petrified and not knowing what to do. So a little research will drop you fancy.


Prepare lingerie

The lingerie is not mandatory but helps the moment even more intimate and you feel sexier.

Talk to your partner

If they decided that they will Speak up! You can not give you grief talk with your partner and resolve doubts and do not leave loose ends.


Break stupid myths

Enough to think that the next day all notice that you have. No, your hips are not enlarged, nor walk weird or anything else.

Virginity is overrated

We must stop thinking that we lose “something” to have sex. We do not lose our virginity, is not that something we go forever. It’s just one more experience, something the first time. You do not lose, you win.