They treated their baby like a dog

They treated their baby like a dog
A new case of child abuse has outraged the entire community in Ixtapan de la Sal in the State of Mexico, after photographs in which appears a little of just one year on a leash leaked and eating on a plate on the floor as if it were a neglected pet.
Little was tortured by his grandparents and not long, when agents of the Department of Social Welfare will submit to the door of the house Ayra, she pleaded in tears that her son was not taken away, but officers discovered something terrible, baby one year of age had stitched mouth, I could not even eat or drink water. their efforts were in vain and when she took to give his statement about these confessed the worst pictures she hated her son it was simply a hindrance to her in her life, simply because I never wanted to have it, so let him do all those things the baby.

When I got pregnant, the child’s father disappeared and spent my pregnancy alone, I searched all forms to abort but could not, when he was born did not want to see, just looking how to get rid of him, and maltreat him to death was the best option. I sewed her mouth because she was tired of hearing Mourn, the child’s mother said, which meant he lost custody of the child forever.
Now Arya and their parents face charges of domestic violence and attempted murder, while the child is protected in the premises of the municipal DIF recovering from the many blows he has received and hoping that in the future not bring psychological consequences for him and can lead a completely normal life.