They felt noises in the yard. They went out and found these cute puppies wildcat

They were tender, hairy, with beautiful eyes and big ears.  But they were not cats. Moreover, it was not safe to go pet them because their feline mom watched from a distance. It is three cubs wildcat who visited a couple in California and -by the way- conquer the Internet.

The images of the “kittens” were captured by Paul and Pamela Oldach, who live in the Peoria area, in the United States. Both were sleeping when they heard noises in his garden.

When they saw the animals walking along the terrace ran to take the camera and take pictures from inside your home.

Facebook / 12 News.

It was a wise decision, because then they discovered the mother of the cubs nearby.

“They were curious as they wandered through our backyard.”

-Paul Oldach, to  AZFamily-

The animals roamed the place for 20 minutes -in which took advantage of quench their thirst with water from the pool- and then went with his mother.

Facebook / 12 News.

However, the visit left the tender images.

Facebook / 12 News.
Facebook / 12 News.

Have you ever been visited by a wild animal?