They are adorable but you should think twice before buying a cat like this

They are adorable but you should think twice before buying a cat like this

Rani Cucicov and Hilde De Coster , a Belgian couple animal lover, looking for a cat to add to the family, but were concerned that it was not to be understood with his dog. They then decided by one ofthe famous Bengali race , who have the reputation of understanding with canines, besides being very active, playful and friendly. They never imagined that his “Thor” became famous in internet for its particular beauty.

When your photos viralizaron, people began to write for how to achieve a similar cat.

Cucicov and De Coster were conscious when choosing where to buy Thor. They looked for a long time on the internet and tried to avoid “factories” of dogs and cats. They eventually found Thor in theNetherlands.

But not all animals have such luck.

There are other stories, like Kevin Cheng , a man in Australia who had a cattery race which  was dismantled by police to be released the poor condition that kept their animals.

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Of the 72 cats found bengal, babies and adults, 30 were so ill they had to be euthanized .

For his crime, Cheng had to pay $ 31.798 and could not have or operate a business related to animals for 10 years.  One of the cats was called Bahiya Aussie found Ripies, a cat champion exhibits thathave been imported from the United States . It was one of the cats had to be put to sleep.

Western Suburbs Cat & Kitten Rescue

Kevin Cheng plans to return to work importing and selling cats.

Probably not all catteries are as terrible as that of Cheng, but its regulation is very difficult. According to Animals Australia , operations breeding cats generally lack transparency and there is a lack of supervision , which combined with the actions of breeding unscrupulous can become  the best in a life of deprivation and chronic boredom for cats and their babies and, at worst, a living nightmare.

“We do not want bengal are purchased by their appearance and then when people know and see how active they are, do not want.”

In fact, the Sanctuary of Wild Cats in Sandstone, Minnesota , receives about 20 calls a month from bengal cat owners who can no longer with them. Bengal cats may have health and behavioral problems because of their hybrid genes, which include severe bowel and bladder control problems. 

Thor recommend owners who want to adopt, start looking at other cat shelters. 

Others have strong criticisms about buying bengal cats.

“They are the result of forced breeding between domestic cats with leopard cats Asian (…) and  as with other hybrids cat breeders are trying to produce a cat with distinctive markings of a wild cat, but the temperament of a domestic cat” .

Susan Bass Big Cat Recue to The Dodo.

“When you consider how many cats are fighting for their lives in shelters right now, it becomes almost impossible to justify spending thousands of dollars to buy a cat prints only for its designer,” adds Susan.