These are the reasons why we have ridiculous standards of beauty

While it is true that it is taboo to talk about the standard of female beauty that has been created by the media, mostly magazines, where we see women look spectacular bodies, with similar characteristics, ie, big eyes, blond hair, white skin and long legs like a supermodel, the truth is that beauty is the result of various tricks like those we present below:

1. Using Photoshop

This video shows how to make what we see in photographs. In terms of female beauty we can apply the saying: “The things we see are not what they seem.”

2. Makeup

woman before and after makeup

Cover blemishes, shape the face outline and larger eyes and mouth, all complemented by the arrangement of the hair.

A good makeup can change both as shown in photographs the face of a woman.

woman before and after makeup

woman before and after makeup

 3. Surgery

Then you will see how slowly it is destroying the human body, and how women try to change it for wanting to look better falling into the absurd and often risking their health.

“Supervenus” is a short film by Frédéric Doazan. It was presented at the Short Film Festival Brussels, Belgium, and clearly shows the beauty standards pursued for the female body.