These are the miraculous and magical effects of exercising 30 minutes a day

These are the miraculous and magical effects of exercising 30 minutes a day

Exercise makes us well, we all know. Still, that ‘s not usually enough to leave the comfort of our chair motivation or our couch and go jogging or to the gym. However, if there is an activity that can change you completely, and I speak both physically and mentally, it is exercise. You probably already know that exercise helps you lose weight because your body looks different, however, you may not know that the changes were so deep, that could give even years after exercising.

Go to the gym today could affect the life you’re going to take 6 months or even 5 years What can you believe?

If you want a little more motivation, then you came to the right place, because we’ll have everything neurologist Judy Cameron, physiologist Tommy Bone and director of the Center for Sports Medicine Edward Lakowski assured the Huffington Post regarding changes that occur in our body.

Exercise has to do with losing weight, but also improve the functioning of our brain and to be smarter.

1. What happens while you exercise

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Your muscles begin to use glucose that is stored in your body and that comes from the food you’ve eaten. It begins to pump more blood to the muscles that are being used to have better performance.At the same time, the oxygen requirement of the lungs increases, reaching use  up to 15 times more oxygen than normal. Oh, and if you feel that pain in the side, just means that your diaphragm to contract. Wait a bit and passed. The increases your heart rate and your brain receives more blood, so right now you feel more awake and alert than ever.

In the outer layer of your skin increases your temperature, which makes your body sweat in an attempt to cool the body.

2. What happens right after

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Small breaks in the muscles appear to have no immediate effect. Once repaired, the muscle can grow more efficiently. This is what makes days it hurts the body part that worked. Your brain releases endorphins so that even if you did not want to go to the gym, now you feel much better and quite happy. In the meantime, your kidneys absorb water more efficient way to stay hydrated, which means you will not feel the urge to urinate until you have drunk enough water to replace everything you lost.

3. What happens after hours

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You start to accumulate lactic acid in the body that generate pain the next day. If you exercise regularly, your body will get rid of it quickly and not have many discomforts. If, on the other hand, never do exercise, get ready, because tomorrow will feel everything you did today. It stabilizes blood pressure and sleep better.

4. What happens weeks after

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Increase your lung capacity, which means you can exercise more without getting tired so much. The pain caused by lactic acid also decreases. The immune system is strengthened.

5. What it happens months later

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A brain level begin to increase neural connections, so we could say that you’re getting “smarter”. You may notice that your memory improves. As your fitness increases, you’ll notice that your low blood pressure because your heart has become more efficient at beating faster.

6. The effect given to long-term

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The brain begins to adapt to the fact exercising regularly and may “turn off” certain genes, making yourelatively immune to suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson ‘s disease in old age . The only possible complication is that if you participate in high – impact sports and do not you cared, your joints could be damaged.

Did you know that exercise had all these benefits? Da like to try out for a walk even if they are 15 minutes.