These are the 49 things that every woman who forgot her bra at home inevitably thinks

These are the 49 things that every woman who forgot her bra at home inevitably thinks

There is much talk of the naturalness of the human body . The important thing is to walk free and lightweight luggage. Weightless, discomforts, or things that impede our daily walk. And of course, I agree with that. However, if there is one thing that honestly would not trade for anything, are my brassieres. Whatever they say, bras are a luxury and need ALWAYS!

Here is a list of the 49 that every woman who forgot their bras at home will think no matter what.

1. Oops, something is missing.

2. Damn, my bra …

3. Well, no matter … In fact, it feels fine.

4. I have air filter!

5. Feel the breeze, Yes! Feel it.

6. Are there good both? It feels good? The freed today, enjoy!

7. Damn, I miss my bus, better run …

8. Whew! Now I know why they invented the brassiere …

9. Shit! They’re bouncing around like crazy!

10. And HURTS …

11. What if I hold my breasts with one arm? Yes, he created that work.

12. Well, it’s working. But I feel like I was running down street holding my breasts …

13. Yes, I’m literally running and holding my breasts so they do not escape!

14. Oh, no. That guy is watching.

15. Fuck you, you fucking pervert. Would not it be a woman running holding her breasts alone?

16. Well, just lose the bus and walk quietly.

17. Ugh, I needed that break …

18. Again? Now that other guy is watching …

19. Sigh “Quiet, lovely, quiet”.

20. Ugh, it’s cold.

21. Oh, here comes the train. I wonder how will wear my breasts.

22. (I look at myself in the reflection of the window) Dammit, my nipples!

23. had not even thought about them.

24. They are so sharp.

25. My God, Why I used a loose blouse? It is not tight, has no chance against these two …

26. They are like a pair of peanuts.

27. Oh, no. Surely that tell everyone when they see me.

28. peanuts wish had never been invented. So no one would think they saw me nipples.

29. Maybe if I undid a button on my shirt?

30. No, no, that would be much.

31. Well, I’ll get to work and I have to face my office colleagues.

32. No matter, just my colleagues. Forget them.

33. No one will notice that it has two pointy, weird, wet nipples pointed straight at their faces …

34. No one will notice.


36. Except that person will definitely notice them just because you are looking directly at your breasts with dilated pupils. But he ignores that person.

37. That’s … That’s better.

38. I’m so free and I’m so comfortable!

39. My breasts are so soft!

40. could even pet them a little, like when I watch TV lying on my couch.

41. NO, do not do it, you’re in a public place.

42. Much relax.

43. Hey, did not you see? I’m walking around the office with my breasts bouncing around like two children on a bouncy bed and I give a damn!

44. I am a liberated woman, burned their bras, ladies. Leave your bare breasts!

45. Oh, my God, nipples are back.

46. And there are all customers …

47. No, please do not …

48. RUNS, hide, run.