These are the 10 most lethal drugs in the world. You should never try

These are the 10 most lethal drugs in the world. You should never try

It is not certain when the man began to use drugs for fun, but it all started as medicinal methods. With the advent of civilization, many of those same medicinal plants were intended for other activities over time and today have mutated hundreds of drugs. We know that the Greeks, Egyptians and even Sumerians used certain plants to get high, but always remained within the “naturalness”. Today there is an unimaginable variety of products filled with chemicals that serve to stimulate specific areas of the brain and to cause different sensations. Of course, we all know the consequences of hard drugs, but what are the worst?

Here are 10 of the most lethal:

1. Krokodil

Its effect lasts between 90 minutes and two hours is lethal to skin and bones and has effects similar to heroin. It is a drug homemade but is extremely chemistry. The continued use of Krokodil is able to desintegrare skin.

2. shabu

It is consumed mainly in Asia and is known as “the drug of the poor”. It is included in the list of the most dangerous because it is highly addictive and its effects are similar to LSD but on a larger scale.

3. Ketamine

It is a substance that causes anxiety and paranoia. At first, it acts as an activator and then relapse is such that the motor skills of persons are damaged easily.

4. Angel Dust

Seriously affects brain function causing emotional disorders, mood and decreases excess concentration ability. Its regular use causes memory loss and difficulty speaking and walking , even after a year of discontinuing their use.

5. jenkem

It consists of inhaling the fermented human faeces. The product was placed in a bottle, covered with a globe and is expected to ferment to be sucked. It is so full of toxins, which produces hallucinations for several hours.

6. Jimson weed

It is a highly hallucinogenic plant and, usually, ancient cultures drank the tea. A number of five or six grams could be lethal.

7. Khat

It is a powerful narcotic plant with a power that must be chewed na person to reach a state of incredible euphoria. The problem of this plant is followed consume the extremely fast which causes nerve degeneration of the brain transmissions , so largely cases people are in a coma – like state.

8. Popper

The feeling is very short and makes a shock energy in those who consume it . Usually this rape drug is used.

9. Burundanga

It is a depressor nerve endings and is very cheap, so very often used to commit crimes. In many places the traffic is not punishable and the effect lasts for about 4 minutes.

10. Ayahuasca

It is a plant used by the Indians of America as medicine “spirit”. There are many therapies that use it to cleanse the body and mind, but often produces negative effects. According to several studies,prolonged use may result in schizophrenics pictures.

Conclusion: better not try …